Aaron's Articles

Parks on Parks — These are my thoughts about parks and similar destinations I've been to in my area.

Ham Radio in the Plow Truck — Some notes and pictures about putting a two-meter amateur radio transceiver in my wife's plow truck.

Getting Started with HTML — A quick-start guide for folks who are new to authoring HTML documents. Covers just the most essential basics of document structure.

Speaking Plainly in HTML — My thoughts on how to write HTML more simply. This one is for folks who have been authoring HTML documents for a long time and have maybe picked up the same habits I had, which were making HTML a drag.

OpenBSD on Vultr — I had heard you could do OpenBSD on a Vultr VM as a custom install. These are the details of how I got it going.

OpenBSD on a Dell PowerEdge R610 — I had a blast setting up this old server to run OpenBSD and keep doing useful work.

Sharing Files Between Users on OpenBSD — My brother and I were looking to share some files back and forth for a project we were working on. We figured we could put that shiny new (to us) OpenBSD server to work.

httpd on OpenBSD — I made some notes while setting up httpd for simple websites on my OpenBSD server.

Hosting a Phoenix Web App on OpenBSD — Some notes I made while getting a Phoenix web app up and running on my OpenBSD server.

The Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon Clipping Algorithm — I was working on something that required me to really get my head around this, so I wrote about it.

Aaron D. Parks