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My Stuff

Open Heart Effects — My brother Edgar and I have been working on a project to figure out what makes great guitar effects tick and to develop some of our own.

Skilman — My wife Jessica and I have developed a comprehensive and science-based audio course for learning Morse code as well as an online course for studying for the Technician class amateur radio license exam.


Elixir Getting Started Guide — A gentle introduction to the Elixir language with examples.

Elixir Reference — Comprehensive online documentation for the Elixir language.

Elixir Style Guide — This is not the only Elixir style guide, but I think it's a good one.

How to Manage the HTML DOM — A nice cookbook-style resource that shows how to accomplish common (and some not-so-common) DOM manipulation tasks with plain JavaScript.

ngrok — Service providing “secure, introspectable tunnles to localhost.” Includes a free tier.

How to C in 2016 — An opinionated take on best practices for writing modern C. Lots of good information, but of course you may want to evaluate the opinions for yourself.

UNIX Network Programming — A comprehensive online book covering just about everything you might want to know about the titular subject.

Amateur Radio

W8IRA Linked Repeater System — The Independent Repeater Association operates a linked repeater system which covers much of Michigan's lower peninsula and hosts a number of different nets.

HARA Linked Repeater System — The Hiawatha Amateur Radio Association operates a linked repeater system which covers a fair bit of the middle of Michigan's upper peninsula.

Michigan VHF-UHF Operating Aids and Resources — WB0DGF's notes about VHF and UHF activity in Michigan, including information about 6 meter nets and rare grids.

Michigan VHF-UHF Society — An ARRL affiliated club focusing on VHF and UHF operating in Michigan. They have a list of nets and a list server.

Four State QRP Group — A club focusing on low-power operation and kit building. They have lots of neat kits for sale.

Antenna Theory — Lots of nicely arranged information about antennas, from the basics up through some examples of modern antenna design.

AC0C's home page — This guy has a wonderful shack and antenna farm, meticulously documented and described on his website, along with lots of other great stuff.

Frank's Compulsive Guide to Postal Addresses — This is the site to go to if you're mailing away to someplace exotic for a QSL card and want to make sure you format the address correctly.


74 Series Logic ICs — A wonderful overview of the ever-popular logic series. They have a lot of other great stuff on this site, including an overview of the 4000 series of logic ICs.

Producing Wound Components — A great resource if you plan to produce your own inductors or transformers.

Small Bear Electronics — Some unusual and hard-to-find components along with a wide assortment of stuff for guitar pedal builders.

Weico Wire and Cable — Wire is such a staple of electronics that it can sometimes come as a surprise to not be able to find what you're looking for. Weico has you covered with an astonishingly wide assortment of wire, cable, tubing, and braid. They even do different colors and custom striping.

HP, Agilent, Keysight Test Equipment Group — A mailing list dedicated to the maintenance, repair, usage, and correct operation of HP test gear.

KO4BB Manuals — An astonishingly comprehensive collection of ham radio and test equipment manuals.

Everything Else

The Woodblock Prints of Utagawa Hiroshige — I think this is a great example of how to design a web page for sharing visual media. The prints are delightful too.

Dr. James B. Calvert — A remarkable personal website containing a treasure trove of articles on such diverse topics as railways, history, optics, and meteorology.

Countycomm — These folks sell a variety of... personal goods? Maybe it's adventure or survival stuff. Kinda hard to say how it all fits together, but I liked their wallets. Unfortunately, it looks like the discontinued the kind I liked, but not before I laid in a good supply.

Curlie — A searchable, human-curated index of the Internet

wiby — A searchable index of submitted web pages that are simple in design and don't contain intrusive ads.

I hope you find something here that's interesting or helpful. If you find any broken links or if you'd like to suggest a site that might fit in here, please drop me a line at the address below. If this is the kind of thing you're into, you may enjoy my homepage.

Aaron D. Parks