Parks on Parks

A recreational motorcycle ride or car trip can be more fun if it has a destination and a destination can be more fun if it has a restroom and a hibachi. These are my notes about parks and similar destinations that I've been to in my area.

Charlton Park

2545 South Charlton Park Road, Hastings, Michigan

Nice, large park with lake access, restrooms, and plenty of parking. There's an antique steam and tractor club too. Lots of neat stuff to see.

Yankee Springs State Recreation Area

2104 South Briggs Road, Middleville, Michigan

A beautiful part of the state. We only got to see a little of it while we were there, but it was great.

Looking Glass Valley Park

13323 Wacousta Road, Wacousta, Michigan

A delightful little park with access to the Looking Glass river. They have plenty of open space for a get-together, hibachis, and pit toilets.

Daniel Droste Memorial Park

14201 Price Road, Westphalia, Michigan

A smallish park on the west side of town, but it has restrooms and looks like it would be great for gatherings. There's a small walking path which connects to a more extensive series of walking paths in the neighboring cemetary.

Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail Fowler Depot

First Street, Fowler, Michigan

Not really a park, as such. This is a depot on the extensive CIS rails-to-trails... trail. Plenty of parking and easy walking to downtown where I saw a sub shop I'd like to try out in the future.

McGuire Park

1001 West Main Street, DeWitt, Michigan

A nice little park on the edge of town. Lots of playground equipment, basketball, and such. Bathrooms and a nice pavilion. I stopped here for lunch and it was perfect for that.

Lincoln Brick Park

13991 Tallman Road, Grand Ledge, Michigan

A huge park with lots to see and do. They used to make bricks here and there are still some historic structures and debris on site. There's also a clay pit that folks like to swim in, lots of trails, pavilions, the works. I've been here a number of times and am still discovering new things about this park.

... and more to come, I hope. If this is the kind of thing you're into, you may enjoy my other articles. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions of parks I might like to visit, please drop me a line at the address below.

Aaron D. Parks